Procapil™ is a combination of three active ingredients. With its revolutionary and patented formula, it fights the aging process of the follicles to prevent hair loss and contributes to their strengthening. 

The hair is anchored longer in the root and protected from harmful influences. The hair follicles are kept young through better blood circulation. Procapil™ improves the nutrient supply to the hair follicle, which prolongs the growth phase of the hair.  

In a clinical study, it was proven that the growth of new hair was increased by up to 121% and hair loss was reduced by at least 46%. The effect is due to its DHT blocking mechanism. 

Procapil™ consists of a combination of three ingredients: 

  • A vitamin-enriched peptide, biotinyl GHK. 
  • A flavonoid, extract from the citrus plant (Citrus maximal). 
  • Oleanolic acid, extract from olive tree leaves (Olea europaea) 

In addition, special active and restorative substances from marine minerals strengthen, nourish and regenerate the har and scalp, giving dense, strong and healthy hair.  


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