Ecklonia Cava

Ecklonia Cava is an edible brown algae species that grows around the South Korean island of Jeju. 

Scientists from Korea have intensively studied this alga. The result of a representative study: hair growth accelerated enormously. In studies further back even by 130%. 

Background: The polyphenols of Ecklonia Cava keep the survival rate of dermal papilla cells high. What research already knew beforehand was that Ecklonia Cava helps with skin cell renewal because it strengthens fibroblasts. As their numbers decline throughout life, humans develop wrinkles. Now dermal papillae cells have the same property as fibroblasts. They are located at the lower edge of hair follicles, where new hair grows. Scientists thought it might be worth a try to test Ecklonia Cava for its abilities with regard to hair growth. 

With success! This is explained by the content of polyphenols in Ecklonia Clava, which prevents oxidative stress. And also promotes certain growth factors, so that there is not only a larger hair follicle and more hair thickness, but also a well supplied with blood hair root associated with an optimized growth rate. In the case of a hereditary predisposition, Ecklonia Cava even inhibits an enzyme and even stimulates the growth phase of the hair anew; if left untreated, the hair follicle recedes. 

Simply put, Ecklonia Cava creates the best conditions for good hair growth. 

The comparison 


Ecklonia Cava was measured against the two known hair loss drugs, Finasteride and Minoxidil. Finasteride inhibits the activity of steroid-5α-reductase, which reduces the amount of DHT (dihydrotestosterone) in the body, while minoxidil promotes the growth of cells of the dermal papilla (the cells from which hair follicles are formed). Several studies show that Ecklonia Cava applied topically performs both functions. 

After 37 days of treatment, Ecklonia Cava showed an increase in the size, depth and length of the hair follicles. While the hair follicles of the control group were still in the telegon phase (resting phase), the groups that were each treated with Ecklonia Cava or minoxidil were already in the anagen phase (growth phase). 

Ecklonia Cava has a 14% greater effect on the increase in hair follicle length than minoxdil (1 ug/ml Ecklonia Cava: +12.4%, 1 ug/ml minoxidil +10.9%). 

Ecklonia Cava inhibits steroid-5α-reductase by more than 66% and exhibits the same degree of inhibition of steroid-5α-reductase as finasteride. 

External application of Ecklonia Cava. 

The results show that Ecklonia Cava extract is very effective in the treatment of hair loss. Used externally, Ecklonia Cava is a natural alternative to minoxidil and the oral one to finasteride. In addition, Ecklonia Cava has even a stronger effect on the length of hair follicles than Minoxidil. 


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